What You Can Do To Get Pregnant With a Baby Girl Naturally

For newlywed couples, part of their discussions during their first night together would definitely be centered regarding the number of the children they would want to have, as well as their genders. Having a boy as the first child, most of the couples feel confident that big brothers can take care and also protect their younger siblings greatly. In contrast, many also want to have a daughter immediately after having an all-boy children. Certainly, choosing the preferred gender of the child is simple nevertheless “how to have it” is a different story.  That’s the reason why nearly all couples are finding ways on how to conceive a girl naturally.

Get Pregnant With a Baby Girl NaturallyOn the other hand, procedures for conceiving a girl are made accessible which is backed up by research. These techniques are In Vitro Fertilization and MicroSort. Apart from the two stated strategies, there are other techniques discovered by other researchers that are recognized to work for couples to perhaps conceive a baby girl. With that, the information provided in this article is important for you to read.

If you want to increase your possibilities of conceiving a girl naturally, then be careful with your diet. With that said, eating foods with rich calcium content and steering clear of the ones that are rich in potassium and salt is really suggested to be able to have great possibilities of having a baby girl this time around.

The second group of tips regarding how to conceive a girl naturally refers to sexual intercourse. The possibilities of conceiving a baby girl increases by 75-80 % in case the rules identified by Dr. Shettles in case followed properly. In an effort to know these principles, you should know two significant facts. To start with, for conceiving a girl naturally, a female will have to get to the woman’s egg first, prior to a male. A set of X chromosomes is contained in the woman’s sperm that is another important fact which one ought to know is the baby’s gender is always based on the man’s sperm as it has an X and a Y chromosome.

From the fact that male sperm move faster as compared to the female sperm (which, consequently, live longer), Dr. Shettles concluded that, for conceiving a girl naturally, the couples will need to have intercourse as far away from the time you ovulate, but close enough for the sperm to survive. Sex 3 to 4 days just before you ovulate is highly recommended. It is vital that you have a regular cycle and you do not ovulate sooner than usual, otherwise; keeping an ovulation chart whenever keeping track of the timing of intercourse could be useless.

Apart from the aforementioned ideas given by Dr. Shettles, he provided two tips to conceive a girl naturally. For one, penetration during sex must be kept shallow for the sperm to deposit near the vaginal entrance where it is regarded as most acidic spot which could weaken boy sperm. Last but not least, a tip on how to conceive a girl naturally for women is you should avoid orgasm during sexual intercourse. This is mainly because orgasm will cause the uterine to contract and generates substances which are conducive to the male sperm cells which won’t assist the female sperm cells in any way.