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How Long Should A Typical Wedding Speech Be?

Wedding Speech LengthI saw on lots of forums and online communities people asking this question quite often and I thought I share my opinion on this. I’m not an expert in wedding speeches, but I’ve given 2 speeches as both the father of the groom and the bride (that was a while ago, when my son Jacob and my lovely daughter Mona had their weddings), plus I’ve attended more than a dozen other weddings in my life, so I’ve heard quite a lot of speeches.

In my opinion and I noticed the general consensus is this, your speech should be around 5 minute long. Sometimes you may go up to 7 minutes, if you have a few more things to share, or if you know the wedding guests pretty well and you can do this because of the familiarity between you, but anyway, you should never-ever make it longer than 7 minutes.

Imagine there would be at least 5 speeches on a typical wedding, in some cases there are even up to 8 speeches if each parent of the bride or the groom decides to give an individual speech, if the maid of honor also gives a speech and if the newlyweds also want to share a few things. Now, 8 speeches multiplied by 7 minutes each, that’s almost an hour, and honestly, that’s way too much for a wedding reception. Continue reading

Simple Wedding Toast Tips Shared by My Dear Friend

My Dear FriendOne of the most crucial parts in a wedding party is the mother of the bride speech. If you’re one thankful mom whose daughter will get wedded soon, then you must read this article. The essential ideas given in this post will help you make the delivery of your speech good and it you’ll definitely seem like a professional in this thing. These suggestions are not just for moms preparing their speech, but also to other people about to give their speeches.

Before making a first draft for your speech, you should have a theme first. It will serve as your guide so you will not be lost in the flow of ideas. Actually, there are numerous of themes offered; just be certain that the one you choose will be suitable for the bride’s mother wedding speech. The simplest way to see excellent ideas for a speech is to explore online. It would be best to avoid too dramatic themes. Adding wittiness in a speech is also suggested. This is possible by featuring famous lines or jokes in your job.

Determining the right tone for the speech is one other detail that you need to think about. The overall attitude of your speech is what is being referred to by tone. For a marriage rite, the normal tone utilized is informal. This is to draw the crowd’s focus, and prevent dead air from taking place. Remember that when selecting a tone for the wedding toast of the bride’s mother, the age and also the job of your listeners must also be considered. This is to make sure that the audience can relate to what you are talking about. You might also choose a formal tone if you are a type of individual that is reserved. Make certain that your body language and speech coincide with each other. Continue reading