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Guess the Sex of Your Future Baby Using the Chinese Gender Predictor 2017

Little Baby Girl

Little Baby Girl

Do you know which is one of the problems that bother almost every couple who is expecting a baby and who doesn’t go to the doctor? They don’t know the gender – namely, they have no idea whether they are going to have a girl or a boy. Don’t smile, that is a real problem, since most of the future parents prefer to prepare the room of their future children long before they are even born. That’s why the famous Chinese baby calendar gender predictor is a real help.

So, will they decorate the room in blue or in pink? Will they buy little skirts and dresses or little trousers? Dolls or small cars and toy-horses? If you don’t want to go to a medical facility where they can tell you what your partner or wife carries in her womb, there is no problem: you can use a legendary method of sex prediction, which has an accuracy between seventy and ninety percent. Obviously, this strategy can’t guarantee the sex of your future child, but, at least, you have some fun.

What is the Chinese Gender Predictor 2017 & 2018?

Now, what is this all about? Well, all you have to do is to look in a table that has columns and rows, and you must identify the column – namely, vertical line – and the row – namely, horizontal line – that is suitable for your situation; at the intersection of the selected row with the selected column lies a cell, which contains the gender of your fetus – that is to say, the baby who is unborn yet. The table is called Chinese Gender Chart and it seems to be older than seven hundred years.

Chinese Gender Predictor 2017 - Image Source:

Chinese Gender Predictor 2017 – Image Source:

Let’s see now what each line of the table represents. The vertical ones – the columns – are twelve in number and each of them indicates a lunar month – namely, a month of the calendar that has been used traditionally in China for centuries. These months differ from the common ones, used in the Western part of the world.

This is why you need to get a copy of such a table that is translated in common dates; in other words, the head of each column has to contain the interval that represents the duration of the lunar month of that column. Be aware that these “translations” differ from one year to another. To be more precise, each lunar month begins and ends in different dates every year. This means that the Chinese Birth Chart explained for 2017 is different from the one explained for 2016 or 2015. Be careful to choose a table that you can trust.

The same happens with the rows, too. Each row – horizontal line – indicates a lunar age, which differs from the common age. You have to either learn the rules of the lunar calendar used in China or pick a copy of a chart whose rows are Gregorian translated. It is essential to use a reliable table, if you want to get accurate results.

Okay, I think that now it is time to talk a little bit about the meanings of each line. The vertical ones stand for the lunar month during which the baby was conceived – which is why you must know when your wife got pregnant –, while the horizontal lines of the Chinese pregnancy calendar indicate the lunar age that the mother had when she conceived her baby. You see now why it is essential to know not only when your wife got pregnant, but also what was her lunar age – not common age – at that moment. Continue reading

What You Can Do To Get Pregnant With a Baby Girl Naturally

For newlywed couples, part of their discussions during their first night together would definitely be centered regarding the number of the children they would want to have, as well as their genders. Having a boy as the first child, most of the couples feel confident that big brothers can take care and also protect their younger siblings greatly. In contrast, many also want to have a daughter immediately after having an all-boy children. Certainly, choosing the preferred gender of the child is simple nevertheless “how to have it” is a different story.  That’s the reason why nearly all couples are finding ways on how to conceive a girl naturally.

Get Pregnant With a Baby Girl NaturallyOn the other hand, procedures for conceiving a girl are made accessible which is backed up by research. These techniques are In Vitro Fertilization and MicroSort. Apart from the two stated strategies, there are other techniques discovered by other researchers that are recognized to work for couples to perhaps conceive a baby girl. With that, the information provided in this article is important for you to read.

If you want to increase your possibilities of conceiving a girl naturally, then be careful with your diet. With that said, eating foods with rich calcium content and steering clear of the ones that are rich in potassium and salt is really suggested to be able to have great possibilities of having a baby girl this time around.

The second group of tips regarding how to conceive a girl naturally refers to sexual intercourse. The possibilities of conceiving a baby girl increases by 75-80 % in case the rules identified by Dr. Shettles in case followed properly. In an effort to know these principles, you should know two significant facts. To start with, for conceiving a girl naturally, a female will have to get to the woman’s egg first, prior to a male. A set of X chromosomes is contained in the woman’s sperm that is another important fact which one ought to know is the baby’s gender is always based on the man’s sperm as it has an X and a Y chromosome. Continue reading

Conceiving a Girl Is Not Difficult at All

Conceiving a Girl Is Not Difficult at AllWhen aiming for a baby of a desired gender, the partners who would like to become parents are sometimes discouraged by the fact that they think it’s difficult to predetermine the gender of a future offspring.

Maybe the huge quantity of information that they might find on the Internet on this subject influences their decision on whether to try to have a descendant of an intended gender or not. When attempting to conceive a girl or a boy, any couple discovers that the probabilities of most methods of gender selection are well under 100% and this determines them to give up on trying to control the sex of a future child.

PGD with IVF method for conceiving a girl or a boy

You must know that, as far as I know, there is only one technique that guarantees a baby’s gender with a success rate of 100%, if no errors occur. This is PGD with IVF method of predetermining the sex of a baby.

Speaking of predetermination, I must tell you that maybe the most important thing regarding the gender selection strategies is simply this: the sex of a human been can be influenced only before its conception, because, after the moment when the mother-to-be becomes pregnant, the gender of her baby can’t be changed. It’s very important to understand that and to keep it in your mind while being interested in sex selection.

Now, let’s come back to the surest method, PGD with IVF – Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis with In Vitro Fertilization. This is a scientific method, a laboratory one, as it can be implemented only in specialized clinics and hospitals, unlike the natural techniques of gender selection, which can be used at home.

In a few words, here’s how PGD with IVF works, for conceiving a girl: the doctors collect from the future mother some eggs, and from the future father sperm samples; with the eggs and sperm collected, using IVF, the specialists create some embryos in a laboratory; each of these embryos is then analyzed for identifying its gender, its health status and the possible presence of any genetic defects; finally, the healthiest female embryos are implanted in the uterus of the future mother.   Continue reading