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How Long Should A Typical Wedding Speech Be?

Wedding Speech LengthI saw on lots of forums and online communities people asking this question quite often and I thought I share my opinion on this. I’m not an expert in wedding speeches, but I’ve given 2 speeches as both the father of the groom and the bride (that was a while ago, when my son Jacob and my lovely daughter Mona had their weddings), plus I’ve attended more than a dozen other weddings in my life, so I’ve heard quite a lot of speeches.

In my opinion and I noticed the general consensus is this, your speech should be around 5 minute long. Sometimes you may go up to 7 minutes, if you have a few more things to share, or if you know the wedding guests pretty well and you can do this because of the familiarity between you, but anyway, you should never-ever make it longer than 7 minutes.

Imagine there would be at least 5 speeches on a typical wedding, in some cases there are even up to 8 speeches if each parent of the bride or the groom decides to give an individual speech, if the maid of honor also gives a speech and if the newlyweds also want to share a few things. Now, 8 speeches multiplied by 7 minutes each, that’s almost an hour, and honestly, that’s way too much for a wedding reception. Continue reading